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Best Selling Therapy Card Games

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  • This set includes our best selling card games
  • Card games are easy to use and enjoyed by a wide variety of children
  • Suitable for ages 5 to 13
  • Suitable for play therapy, child therapy, school counseling, and other educational settings

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- The Social and Emotional Competence Card Game

The goal is to educate players about a specific disorder and provide skills for managing the disorder. There are five decks of cards, one for each disorder: Anxiety, Depression ADHD, Asperger's, and Bipolar Disorder. Blank cards are included so that counselors/teachers can write their own questions or comments. The game includes 5 sets of cards (54 cards in each set), directions, and a bag of chips.

- Stop That Angry Thought Card Game

Here's a deck of cards that teaches children how to manage their anger. Using two internal dialog techniquesThought Stopping and Self-Talk kids can stop anger in its tracks. By simply playing cards, they learn to envision a stop sign whenever their anger is triggered and to replace their angry thoughts with more positive responses. The deck includes 37 pairs of cards, and each pair includes a situation card and a corresponding response card. As youngsters react to hypothetical situations that might normally trigger anger, they see a big red stop sign on each response carda cue to stop the angry thought and come up with a better alternative.

- The Stop, Relax and Think Card Game

Players are dealt Stop, Relax and Think cards and also Stressed Out, Confused, and Discouraged cards.  As they acquire more cards, they must choose different self-control skills, and they learn the value of patience and cooperating with others to achieve a goal.

- Dr. Playwell's Positive Thinking Card Game

This card game is designed to encourage children to develop a more positive attitude about themselves, their problems, and the people around them. This card game teaches children four essential positive thinking skills, including: recognizing self-defeating statements, changing negative thoughts to positive ones, seeing positive ways to cope with problems, and using positive self-talk. The skills taught in this game will be useful for all children, but in particular they will help children with behavior disorders, anxiety disorders, and depressive symptoms.

- Blurt It Out! The "Say What You Think "Sentence Completion Game

Children will find this game to be a fun and pleasurable way to learn about themselves, as they learn how to express themselves. This engaging game allows therapists and counselors to assess psychological processes quickly and effectively in a playful and non-threatening way, while helping the child to increase self-awareness and self-understanding. Together, game participants will find new ways to solve problems, identify their emotions, and communicate effectively. The game includes four feelings decks, and two bonus decks. Therapists and counselors have considerable flexibility in how they use these decks. Blank cards, directions, suggestions for use, die, a bag of chips, and a sturdy storage box are included.  

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