About Us

About Us

Our mission is to be a comprehensive source for the tools and products needed by child clinicians to excel at their work.

-Fill orders within 2 business days.
-Maintain competitive prices.
-Have the largest inventory on the internet of child and play therapy products. We now carry over 3,000 products.
-Ensure customer satisfaction with a 
generous return policy.

Childtherapytoys.com was founded by child psychologists Gary Yorke, Ph.D. and Jane Yorke, M.A. to provide therapy products to mental health professionals who work with children.  We select all of the products on our website, as well as accepting recommendations from other clinicians, university faculty, and students of child and play therapy. 

Our staff is dedicated to fulfilling customer orders and supporting our customers in whatever way is needed to make shopping with childtherapytoys.com as easy as possible. We work closely with our vendors to ensure that products are in stock and back-orders are limited as much as possible.


Dr. Yorke has written and produced three games: My First Therapy Game, The Social and Emotional Competence Game, and The Social and Emotional Competence Card Game. We also import the Sky Blue Sand Tray and Dr. Yorke developed the Please Remember Memory Cards. We also have numerous exclusive play therapy, game, and sand tray packages that are designed to save our customers money and assist them in building up their selection of games, toys, and miniatures.

We maintain 
an informational website at www.myplaytherapypage.com. We maintain informational websites for parents and people interested in special education:
www.myparentingpage.com and www.myspecialed-504page.com. We post articles and other information related to working with children on Facebook daily, and we can also be linked to on Twitter.