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Blurt It Out! The "Say What You Think" Sentence Completion Game

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By Thor Johansen, Psy.D.

  • A sentence completion game like no other
  • Useful for assessment & intervention
  • Four feelings decks: Happiness, Anger, Anxiety, & Sadness
  • Two bonus decks: Exploring Bullying & Exploring Divorce
  • Developed by a child psychologist
  • Ages 6 to 14

Children will find this game to be a fun and pleasurable way to learn about themselves, as they learn how to express themselves. This engaging game allows therapists and counselors to assess psychological processes quickly and effectively in a playful and non-threatening way, while helping the child to increase self-awareness and self-understanding. Together, game participants will find new ways to solve problems, identify their emotions, and communicate effectively.

The game includes four feelings decks, and two bonus decks. Therapists and counselors have considerable flexibility in how they use these decks. Blank cards, directions, suggestions for use, die, a bag of chips, and a sturdy storage box are included.  

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