Toss and Learn Set of 5 Games

Toss and Learn Set of 5 Games

Product Number : 2173A

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  • Help players learn important skills and apply them in various situations
  • Practice situations with their appropriate responses
  • Grades: 3-6

Each game comes with 4 dice (2 blue and 2 yellow), 2 skill sheets, a packet of points, rules, and facilitator guidelines. The blue dice have situations, and the yellow dice have either questions or actions. Players roll a blue die and then roll a yellow die. Players apply the question or action on the yellow die to the situation on the blue die.

Roll for Control: Impulse Control
Teach children skills to help them control their impulses

Give Everyone a Fair Share: Conflict Resolution
Children learn how to listen, show respect, look for win-win situations, and more

Toss Your Anger: Controlling Your Anger
Help children learn how to control their anger in a variety of situations. Children learn new skills such as positive self-talk, recognizing consequences, and more

Stand Against Bullying
Help children learn skills for standing up to bullies. Discuss bullying from the perspective of the bully, bystander, and victim.

Roll and Resolve: Problem Solving with Friends
Children learn how to talk out problems with friends, recognize when to apologize, and more

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