Spectacular Guidance Activities for Kids Book with CD
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Spectacular Guidance Activities for Kids Book with CD

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  • This useful and versatile workbook provides a great tool for child therapists and school counselors
  • Contains activities for personal and social development, academic development, and career development
  • A must for anyone working in a school, these activities can be used with individuals, classes, or group sessions
  • Ages 5-12

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By Diane Senn, Ed.S.

This book provides activities that can be used by child therapists and school counselors, or as part of a comprehensive school counseling program. It is useful for any helping professional with the intent helping children maximize their potential in the areas of living (personal/social development), learning (academic development), and working (career development). The activities are divided into three domains:

Activities for LIVING (personal/social development)

  • Feelings

  • Self-Concept

  • Friendship

  • Problem-Solving

  • Healthy Choices

  • Character

  • Bully Prevention

Activities for LEARNING (academic development)

  • Focusing

  • Organization

  • Study Tips

  • Homework

  • Test Taking Tips

  • Positive Attitude

Activities for THE WORLD OF WORK (career development)

  • Career Awareness (exploring the 16 Career Clusters)

The activities can be utilized with individuals, in class lessons, in group counseling, or as part of a school-wide program.

Spectacular Guidance Activities for Kids incorporates activities and worksheets based on the Problems Solving Pond, Bully Free Island, and Career Village posters, which are included as8 1/2" x 11" coloring sheets in the book.

The Spectacular Guidance CD-ROM includes all of the reproducible activities and worksheets from the book.

Suitable for ages 5 thru 12.

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