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Life Management Skills IV Book & Cards Set

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  • Has 50 or more reproducible activity-based handouts covering a variety of life skills topics
  • Save time and money by reducing your preparation with these high-quality materials that you'll use as a primary focus for individual sessions and groups
  • The engaging graphics and illustrations provide an important visual aid
  • Deck has 63 cards plus 9 blank cards
  • Suitable for older adolescents and adults

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Life Management Skills IV Book:
By Kathy L. Korb-Khalsa, OTR/L and Estelle A. Leutenberg.

Life Management Skills books and cards are designed to be used in mental health settings with older adolescents and adults. These books and cards fill a very practical need to have materials that provide tangible reminders of information being presented and help build rapport. Spiral binding makes it very easy to copy handouts directly from the books.

This book is filled with fun, innovative, and informative reproducible activity handouts and is organized in a logical manner, designed for specific well-defined purposes, and is activity-based allowing for extensive client involvement. The handouts are adaptable and have a broad usage enabling therapists, social workers, nurses, teachers, psychologists, counselors, and other professionals to focus on specific goals with their specified population. Some of the topics in the book include coping with serious mental illness, home management, journalizing, parenting, responsibility, job readiness, activities of daily living, values, and more. 61 pages, spiral-bound.

Life Management Skills IV Cards:

These cards are designed to facilitate discussions & development of life management skills. They cover a wide variety of topics. 4-14 players. 63 cards, 9 blank cards, instructions.


What are 4 ways to improve your self-care?

If you were looking for a job, name 4 things about yourself that would be very important to the person that is hiring you.

Would writing a letter to someone who upset you in the past help you? Why? Would you mail that letter?