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The Stress Survival Guide for Teens

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  • Is stress getting the best of your teen?
  • Is your teen feeling overwhelmed, like life is zooming by?
  • This is a practical workbook with proven-effective strategies
  • This go-to “survival guide” will show teens how to effectively deal with stress

 Today’s teen must deal with school pressure, BFF drama, body changes, social media, dating—is it any wonder teens are feeling more stressed than ever? Many teens today find themselves worried, anxious, and stressed out. But there are ways to take control of stress before it interferes with daily life. This go-to “survival guide” will show teens how to deal with stress so they can get back to the things that make them happy.

This fun and easy guide can be used as an adjunct to counseling or by an individual on their own.  Readers will learn how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more helpful, flexible ways of seeing life’s challenges. Teens will also discover how important it is to slow down and notice the things that are really going well in their life! Finally, readers will learn to figure out what’s really important to them, and how they can use their values to build resilience against stress and future setbacks.

 Life is full of stress, but that doesn’t mean individuals have to be. With this book, teens will learn to quiet their negative inner voice and focus on strengths, so they can conquer any challenge they might face, achieve their goals, and live their very best life.


Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, is a child, teen, and family psychologist with more than thirty years’ experience. He completed his postdoctoral internship at the University of Pennsylvania Counseling Center, and holds a PhD in counseling psychology from the University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY). He has appeared on the Today ShowCourt TV, and more. He is author of several other workbooks and lives in the Philadelphia, PA, area.