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Self-Esteem Bingo for Teens

Product Number : 137161400

  • Fun bingo game teaches players ways to boost their self-esteem
  • Players identify the importance of healthy self-esteem, self esteem boosters, self-esteem busters, personal strengths and ways to take responsibility for ones self-esteem
  • Includes a reproducible handout
  • Ages 12-18

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Participants who play Self-Esteem Bingo will identify the benefits of healthy self-esteem, self-esteem boosters, self-esteem busters, personal strengths, and ways to take responsibility for ones self-esteem.

One game takes 45-60 minutes to play.

Materials Include: 16 Bingo Cards

5 Sets of Calling Cards

Bingo Chips

Reproducible Handouts: How to Improve My Self-Esteem and

Affirmations for Me Skills

Suitable for ages 12 - 18