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Bully-Buster Bingo

Product Number : 102F41600

  • A great twist on classic bingo designed to help children who are the victims of bullies, the bullies themselves, and children who hope to avoid being bullied
  • A great way to encourage discussion about bullying
  • Includes reproducible leader's guide and reproducible bingo cards, a CD with activity sheets and more
  • Ages 7-12

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Written to help those children who are suffering each day, the children who hope they will never be targets of bullies, and the bullies themselves.

Bully-Buster Bingo presents 26 techniques for reacting to bullies through the familiar game of bingo.

The techniques can be used as a springboard for discussion.

Presenting lessons on bullying signals the bully that everyone is aware of his/her behavior and that no one thinks very much of anyone who behaves in a bullying manner.


- Eight-lesson leaders guide with reproducible activity sheets

- 30 reproducible bingo cards, and reproducible calling cards.

The included CD provides PDF files of the activity sheets and color bingo boards for easy reproduction.

Print as many or as few boards as you need.

At the end of the game the students may keep the cards as a reminder of the bully-bustin techniques presented in the game.

Or the cards can be collected and re-used.

Ages: 7 - 12

Paperback: 72 pages