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Let's Talk About ... The Gift of ADHD

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  • This game focuses on the positive traits of ADHD
  • Players use the 101 cards to play and learn how to use these positive traits to help them deal with their ADHD
  • Comes in an easy to store jar

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Thinking outside the box.

Irrepressible energy and enthusiasm.

Creativity and tenacity.

These are just some of the positive attributes associated with ADHD that many parents and teachers take for granted or even overlook when trying to raise kids and teens with ADHD. This game focuses on the positive aspects that characterize people with ADHD, while also looking at how these traits can be utilized to deal with the kinds of problems that can affect school achievement and social success.

The games includes 101 cards and the Wheel of Action which is used to assign players tasks to help them with their ADHD.

Ages 8+

2-4 Players

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