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All About You? Thumball

Product Number : 15100714107

  • Fun four inch thumball with lots of questions to help you break the ice
  • Simply pass the ball and respond to the prompt under your thumb
  • No ball pump needed

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All About You? Thumball is the fun, innovative way for people to get acquainted. Stimulates social conversation and develops inter-personal communication skills. Showing interest in others by asking questions and actively listening to responses lay a foundation for friendships and improved relationships.

Simply toss or roll the ball around the group. The player who catches the ball simply responds to the prompt under their thumb.

Includes Prompts such as:

-A language you want to learn

-A show you want to watch

-A concert you want to see

-The last time you rode a bike

-and More!

Measures approximately 4 inches in diameter.

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