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Actions & Consequences - Adult Version Cards

Product Number : 191161800

  • Card game designed to practice making choices that pertain to everyday life
  • Focusing on areas such as: anger, money, personal health, recovery, relationships, communication and responsibilities
  • Created by Estelle A. Leutenburg and Kathy L. Khalsa OTR/L

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By Estelle A.Leutenburg and Kathy L. Khalsa OTR/L. This card game is designed to practice making choices, taking actions and reviewing consequences in everyday life. It is for non-emergency situations that occur in day-to-day experiences in relationships, at work, at parties, etc. Addresses several areas in which adults may have challenges: anger, money, personal health, recovery, relationships and communication, and responsibilities. For each situation that arises, three questions will be asked to shape a new way of thinking; 1) What would I most likely do (in real life)?, 2)What is most likely to happen if I do this?, and 3) Would my action result in a positive or negative outcome?


75 Actions & Consequences Cards