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Best Selling Childswork/Childsplay Therapy Games

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  • Three of our most popular games combined into one package
  • A great starter set, or an excellent supplement to an established collection
  • Includes the Helping, Sharing, and Caring Game, the Stop, Relax and Think Game, and the Anger Solution Game
  • Ages 4-12

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Ages 4-12. If you want to build your collection of therapeutic board games, then this is where you want to start. Year after year these are three of our most popular games, and together they can be used with the majority of children referred for counseling. Each game can also be used by teachers, parents, and paraprofessionals. All three games have been revised.


Collection includes 1 each of the following games:

  •  The Helping, Sharing, and Caring Game - This best selling game promotes the development of critical social skills in the home or classroom. Children develop the social skills and attitudes that will improve their relationships with friends, family, and other adults. Players learn about the importance of self-esteem, kindness, safety, ethics, values, health, empathy, consideration of others, and sympathy. Developed by Richard Gardner, MD for 2-6 players, ages 4-12

  • The Stop, Relax, and Think Board Game - In this very popular board game, active, impulsive children learn motor control, relaxation skills, how to express their feelings and how to problem-solve. The manual includes information on how the game can be used both as a diagnostic and a treatment tool, and how behaviors learned in the game can be generalized for the home or classroom.

  • The Anger Solution Board Game - Another very popular game, The Anger Solutions Board Game helps children learn to control their behavior responses to anger. As players make their way around the board, they are faced with a series of decisions and learn to choose the success route over the victim cycle. The anger solution game is a unique therapeutic tool.

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