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Journey to Friendsville: A 15 Minute Counseling Game

Product Number : W-669

  • Remarkable resource for teaching social skills to elementary age children
  • 15 minute game session is ideal for busy therapists
  • Promotes seven unique learning objectives

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Board games are a very effective way to teach social skills, but many counselors do not have the time to play a traditional board game with their clients. Journey to Friendsville is designed with the busy counselor in mind. Kids learn social skills and how to develop rewarding friendships in 15 minute increments as they journey on the game board towards the town of Friendsville. There are seven skills in total, and one skill is the focus of each 15 minute session. Kids can play multiple times to learn all seven skills.

As they play the game, kids move through towns that represent the skills taught in the game, such as Fairhaven and Conversation City. On the way, players earn tokens with pictures of friends on them. The friends are placed in Friendsville in the center of the board to await the arrival of the players. The five skills are:

Using humor appropriately in social situations.

Conversing with others expressing yourself and listening skills.

Dealing with conflicts.

Joining and participating in groups.

Showing respect and fairness.

The game also includes a reproducible Skills Record (to keep track of which players have practiced which skills) and a facilitator booklet with complete lesson plans and questions for discussion.

Journey to Friendsville is a fun and inventive way to help kids improve their social skills especially when time is limited.

Playing time: 15 minute sessions (up to five sessions).

Grades 1 5.

Learning Objectives Players will:

1. Learn to approach other children and make new friends.

2. Learn to deal with others fairly.

3. Learn to resolve conflicts in a win-win and understand the importance of compromise.

4. Learn how to express themselves in an assertive, but non-aggressive, manner.

5. Learn important listening skills.

6. Learn how to contribute to groups and get along with other group members.

7. Learn how to use humor appropriately with peers.


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