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10 Thumball Set

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  • Set of 10 different thumballs
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Set of 10 thumballs! Thumballs are a great ice breaker for children, families, and groups. Thumballs are a soft, stuffed ball that is safe for indoor use. They can be used to start and end a session, or at any time during a session or meeting. Nearly everyone enjoys playing catch and everyone can play with a ball. Game play is simple! Throw it, roll it, pass it or catch it. Look under your thumb. React to the word, phrase, or graphic found there. Each panel has a different word, graphic, or photo.

This set includes:

Empathy 4 inch thumball: Players are encouraged to discuss how to stand in someone else's shoes, show good listening and make skillfull statements to others as they experience any of several emotions

Stop Bullying 4 inch thumball: Encourages discussion about how bullying affects them and others around them.

Stop the Drama 4 inch thumball: Discuss interpersonal drama, how it starts and how it can lead to many different problems for oneself and others, and how it can be prevented or dealt with

Ice Breaker 6 inch thumball:A great way to break the ice!

Conflict Resolution 6 inch thumball:Opens up discussion about conflict and healthy ways to resolve it

Debriefing 6 inch thumball:Excellent to help groups and teams debrief or process an experience. Contains questions like, How does this relate to real life? Describe something that was hard to hear and Why is the experience important?

Who are You? 4 inch thumball: Helps people get to know each other, and contains questions such as, What is your favorite toy or game?, What makes you mad, What is your happiest memory? and more.

Emotion Mania 4 inch thumball:Each panel of this thumball describes a different feeling. A great tool for children just learning how to recognize their feelings and the feelings of others

Values and Virtues 4 inch thumball: Each letter of the alphabet is represented with three words. Participants choose a characteristic that represents them or someone else. Participants discuss attributes they would like to have more or less of. Great activity to encourages self-reflection and goal setting.

Best, Worst and First 4 inch thumball:Best, Worst, First Thumball stimulates conversations about player's best, worst or first life experiences. Great conversation starter and relationship building activity. Compare and contrast life events with each other. Share stories about best, worst or first memories. This is and easy way to get acquainted. Stimulates interesting recollections and reflective thinking.