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Special Savings: Buy All Eight Emotions and Behavior Books

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By Sue Graves, Illustrated by Desideria Guicciardini 


  • Save when you buy all 8 of these delightful books
  • Humorous, gentle feelings books are perfect for sharing whenever children want or need to talk about feelings
  • Cover topics such as: Happiness, Following the Rules, Sharing, Bravery, Worrying, Honesty, and Feelings
  • Each Our Emotions and Behavior book offers caregivers tools and ideas for talking with children about feelings and related actions
  • Suitable for children ages 4 to 8 years old. Each book is 32 pages, illustrated, hardcover, full-color, & 7" x 9".
Small children have big feelings. Free Spirit's Our Emotions and Behavior series uses cheerful, brightly illustrated stories to help kids understand how their emotions and actions are relatedand how they can learn to manage both. Follow along as Noah, Ben, Nora, and their friends discover ways to deal with fears, sadness, rules, and sharing. At the end of each book, a two-page series of pictures invites kids to tell a story in their own words. A special section for adults suggests discussion questions and ideas for guiding children to talk about their feelings.

I'm Not Happy uses simple, easy-to-read text to present positive coping skills for children to use when they feel sad. The books gentle humor and colorful illustrations will appeal to kids, and happiness might not seem so far away after all by the end of the story.

But Why Cant I? explores these feelings using simple text, cheerful illustrations, and a light touch of humor. When Jenny comes over to babysit, Noah doesnt want to do what she says. Rules for games, rules for bedtimerules, rules, rules! But Jenny helps him understand that adults have to follow rules as well as kids, and rules help keep everybody safe, healthy, and happy.

Not Fair, Wont Share shows that when kids get frustrated and mad, there are ways for them to calm down. Soon they see that playing fairly with other kids, and sharing with them, can make the day more fun for everyone.

Who Feels Scared? is a cheerful and reassuring story shows that positive coping skills can help kids deal with fear, and children can be brave even when things seem scary.

Take a Deep Breath: A Book About Being Brave teaches children that when something scares them, they can take a deep breath, think calm thoughts, and feel brave enough to get through their ordeals.

But What If? A Book About Being Worried Helps children talk about worries and about ways to relieve anxieties over things that might or might ont happen.

I Didn't Do It! shows Children why it's sometimes hard to tell the truth, what can happen when people lie, and why it's importnt to be honest.

I Hate Everything! illustrates the importance of talking about ones feelings.

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