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Monster Stomp - ages 4 and older (deal with fear, anger, impulse control ...)

Product Number : 199431400

  • This award-winning game teaches children to gain control over things such as anger, fear or anxiety
  • Fun and interactive game includes monster-making dough to make monsters and then stomp them out
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up, 2-4 players

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Monster Stomp is an award-winning game which encourages role-play to help children gain control over things that can scare them. Use the monsters in the game as metaphors for the child's own anger, fear,or anxiety; then role play with the child stomping their monsters.

Players mold monsters out of the monster dough included and place them on the Monster Spaces indicated on the game board. Players then take turns moving their pawns through the monster-filled house.

When someone lands on a Monster Stomp space, they get to STOMP the monster and put it in their Monster Jail. Then discuss and role play other ways to stomp out the child's monsters (e.g., the dark, monsters, disease, and other things that go bump in the night).

Players may even land on the Stomp All Monsters space and get to stomp all the monsters on the board. The first player to fill his or her Monster Jail wins!

Use the Monster Mold and Sneaker Shaped Monster Stomper to mold and stomp out monsters without playing the game.

Game includes:

l Monster Mold

38 Color-Coded Playing Cards

1 Sneaker Shaped Monster Stomper

1 Monster House Game Board

1 Container of Monster-Making Dough

4 Monster Jail Cards

4 Pawns


Suitable for ages 4 +, 2-4 players.