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The Best Dollhouse for Play Therapy

The Best Dollhouse for Play Therapy

Every play therapist’s playroom has a dollhouse. The dollhouse is often central to a child’s imaginative play. It serves as a tool for solving conflict, expressing emotion, and developing interpersonal skills. One day it is a fort and place of a raging battle, the next a safe comforting home for a family. Some of us can spend hours trying to identify the best dollhouse for play therapy. Others, unable to decide, have two dollhouses in their playroom.  Some play therapists simply inherit their dollhouse from a previous therapist and the more pragmatic among us may simply pick one up at a garage sale.

I have a definite bias toward wooden dollhouses and all the dollhouses carried by are made of wood. When choosing a dollhouse budget and available space need to be considered. Also, will there be other available structures like a fort, school, or firehouse? Accessories are important. Some dollhouse packages include dolls and furniture. These packages are generally a good idea for therapists in the early stages of furnishing a playroom. Below are our picks.

Budget Friendly & Serviceable: Sturdy Play House & Hardwood Furniture Set (199.97)

Built to stand-up in a preschool environment this dollhouse will last for years. At 20" long, 12" wide, and 16.5 inches high this dollhouse will not take up a lot of space. Both boys and girls will enjoy this structure.  It has a lift-off roof, removable second story and slide out interior walls. The set comes with a lot of furniture! It includes dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and parent’s room furniture and accessories.  

Portable and Economical: Fold & Go Dollhouse ($49.95)

This dollhouse is perfect for the small playroom or portable play therapist. When opened it is quite roomy. It also includes 2 dolls, 11 pieces of furniture, a working front door, and a carrying handle. When closed this dollhouse is 10.2" tall x 7.5" wide x 13.5" deep. It is made of durable, lightweight rubber wood.

Innovative and Practical: Mommy’s House & Daddy’s House with Furniture (354.95)

While this is one of the pricier options for a playroom it will last for years. It is made in the USA and constructed of durable, visually appealing Birch. Each house is 23 x 17 x 12 inches. There are 36 pieces of furniture, enough for two homes. The block house design makes each room very accessible from any angle.

Best Dollhouse: Extra Large Family Dollhouse Set (359.95)       

This extremely well made and attractive dollhouse will last for years. It is made of Birch and built in the US. The design allows for access from any side, so it is easy for multiple children to play at the same time. In addition to two extra-large rooms, there is an attic, garage, and terrace. The set includes 4 families of dolls and 18 pieces of furniture. This dollhouse is large! It is 30 inches high, 23 inches long, and 18 inches wide. If you have the room and the budget there is no downside to this set.

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