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How to Save Money on Play Therapy Toys

When I started my practice I furnished my playroom through the time honored process of visiting yard sales and garage sales. It was a great way to begin and I still have some of the play therapy toys I bought 25+ years ago. Of course, I also kept my eyes open for sales when I visited department stores. Dollar stores and “flea markets” are still a great way to acquire some cool stuff for the playroom. About six months into my private practice I came across a catalog that featured a “complete” play therapy set of toys for 800 dollars. Yikes! I went for it and it turned out to be a great purchase. That catalog company is no longer in business. However, when I started one of the first things I did was develop The Complete Play Therapy Room, along with a number of other play therapy toy packages. Packages are a great way to save at least 10% over buying items individually.

All merchants must have sales. However, there is not a specific sale season for play therapy toys. Play therapy toys sell year round. Therefore, markdowns tend to happen all year round, so it’s helpful to peruse the Savings pages periodically. Items that are marked down are often desirable. Markdowns occur when an item is overstocked, discontinued, or no longer fits our product mix. Checking the Savings pages will only get you half-way there. Like every other online store we want you to visit us during the holidays. To track the best sales and obtain the best markdowns it is recommended that customers sign up for our email on our home page (bottom right hand corner) and follow us on Facebook. Special discounts and coupon codes are announced on Facebook first, and then an email is sent out.

Now, how about those super large, sells everything, online marketplaces? Of course, as a small specialty retailer, we prefer you shop with us or other family owned business. While savings can be found, many of the large marketplaces can be more expensive for similar items. Vendors on marketplaces must pay a percentage of sales to the marketplace and sometimes this is compensated for by raising prices.

Who are we? was founded by child psychologists Gary Yorke, Ph.D. and Jane Yorke, M.A. to provide therapy products to mental health professionals who work with children.  We select all the products on our website, as well as accepting recommendations from other clinicians, university faculty, and students of child and play therapy. Our staff is dedicated to fulfilling customer orders and supporting our customers in whatever way is needed to make shopping with as easy as possible. We work closely with our vendors to ensure that products are in stock and back-orders are limited as much as possible.



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