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Who is in Your Family? A Celebration in Diversity

Product Number : 136351500

  • This brightly illustrated book is a fun way to teach children about diversity
  • Features families with parents who are: in the military, incarcerated, single, adoptive, foster, multicultural, same gender, and terminally ill
  • Ages 4-8

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In this full-color, illustrated book, children describe their families including what they like to do together.

The wonderfully illustrated drawings bring out the uniqueness of each family.

Children are encouraged to describe their own families and create some fun activities they can do together.

Some of the families described include:

  • parent in the military

  • single parent

  • incarcerated parent

  • adoptive parents

  • foster parents

  • multicultural parents

  • same gender parents

  • terminally ill parents

Paperback: 40 pages, 11 x 8.5, suitable for ages 4 to 8.