Vice Set
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Vice Set

Product Number : 120372500

  • Economical set
  • Includes cigarettes, beer cans, mini playing cards, slot machine, junk food, liquor bottles
  • Suitable for sand tray work, not for the play therapy room

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This economical set is very useful for work in the sand tray. Includes:
-Slot Machine measures 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide
-5 Playing Cards measuring 1.5 inches
-One red and one white die measuring about .4 inches
-Beer cans, set of 3 measuring about 1 inch tall
-Cigarettes, set of 2 measuring 3.25 inches long
-Small burgers
-Soda cans, set of 2, measuring about 1 inch tall
-3 Liquor Bottles

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