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Therapy Cubes: A personal storytelling game

Product Number : 100V64100

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  • A fun, interactive game of storytelling
  • Engaging activity for groups and one-on one
  • Suitable for children & adolescents
  • Ideal for feelings identification, problem solving, and developing social skills

Therapy Cubes, an interactive game of storytelling, allows children and adolescents to tell their own personal stories aided by the role of the dice. Depending on the images they roll, they will be able to share their experiences and thoughts about a variety of issues, locations, emotions, at specific ages.

Therapy Cubes is a non-directive game for children and adolescents to assist with identifying emotions, triggers of emotions, and identifying problems or  ssues in the following areas: Social Skills
• Emotional Regulation
• Home Life
• School Environment
• Social Circles
• Relationship Conflict
• Peer Pressure
• Conflict Resolution
• Family Dynamics
• Boundary issues
• Academics.