Theraplay: Innovations in Attachment-Enhancing Play Therapy*
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Theraplay: Innovations in Attachment-Enhancing Play Therapy*

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Theraplay is a form of structured play therapy designed to strengthen the attachment between parents and their child. Dr. Evangeline Munns, a Theraplay therapist and trainer, introduces this treatment method in its traditional format of individual child and parent sessions. Its simple, action-oriented, and visual activities are presented in an atmosphere of playfulness and fun, designed to easily engage both parent and child. The adaptability of this approach has led to its innovative application in working with various populations (failure to-thrive infants, sexually abused children), within various formats (siblings, families, multi-families, groups), and in various settings (private practice, mental health centers, schools). Emphasizing enhanced self-esteem, trust, and confidence, Theraplay techniques are clearly and creatively presented with rich clinical detail in this volume.

Evangeline Munns, Ph.D., C.Psych., RPT/S, is a certified clinical psychologist and the clinical director of Blue Hills Play Therapy Services in Aurora, Ontario.

Theraplay is a unique form of structured play therapy that uses touch, nurturing, and feeding as basic healing modalities. Children who are lacking in early experiences of attachment to caretakers are excellent candidates for this short-term therapy. In every type of Theraplay treatment, whether with an individual child, child with parent(s), siblings, multi-family groups, and so forth, the benefits are amply demonstrated in thorough detail with numerous case examples. This book testifies to the power inherent in this technique and provides state-of-the-art coverage for both the experienced and the novice practitioner. Lois Carey, M.S.W., B.C.D., director of the Center for Sandplay Stuides

This book is invaluable to professionals working with children who have attachment issues. It provides a thorough grounding in the basic concepts of Theraplay, along with specific descriptions of innovative applications in work with groups, multiple families, and a wide variety of presenting problems. Terry Kottman, Ph.D., LMHC, NCC, RPT/S, founder, Encouragement Zone Play Therapy Training Center

Therapists seeking new ways to help families with attachment and relationship problems will find this engaging book a valuable resource. Readers new to Theraplay will appreciate the clear introduction to this model with its many playful ways of fostering healthy relationships within families. Those knowledgeable about Theraplay will be delighted with the creative expansion of the technique to meet a variety of challenges and needs. They will discover how Theraplay has been adapted to work with several children within one family and even several families together, and to deal with such issues as family violence and sexual abuse. I welcome this excellent addition to the growing literature about Theraplay. Phyllis B. Booth, M.S., LCPC, LMFT, RPT/S, director of training, The Therplay Institute, Chicago

Hardcover, 388 pages.

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