The Therapist's Notebook for Children and Adolescents (2nd Ed.): Activ

The Therapist's Notebook for Children and Adolescents (2nd Ed.): Activities, Homework, & Handout

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  • Targeted specifically toward children and adolescents
  • Gives you the edge in aiding children with their feelings, incorporating play techniques into therapy, providing group therapy to children, and encouraging appropriate parental involvement
  • Helps you become more effective with your youthful clinets

Edited by Catherine Ford Sori andLorna L. Hecker

Foreword by Eliana Gil


In The Therapist's Notebook for Children and Adolescents, 2nd ed, you'll find the most powerful tools available for aiding children with their feelings, incorporating play techniques into therapy, encouraging appropriate parental involvement in family sessions, and providing group therapy to children. This ready reference is divided into ten thoughtfully planned sections to make it easy to find the right activity, handout, or intervention for the problem at hand, whether you’re looking for creative ideas, running a children’s group, putting interventions into practice in the classroom, or looking for ways to increase parental and familial involvement. Instructions for the activities are clearly explained and highlighted with case examples and many illustrations. Chapters are by leading experts, including Eliana Gil, Risë VanFleet, Liana Lowenstein, Howard Rosenthal, and Volker Thomas, and explore strategies for treating children both individually and in a family context. With more than 60% new material, this expanded version delves into the latest research and thinking on family play therapy and addresses many pertinent issues of our time, including bullying, suicidal ideation, ADHD, autism, adolescents and sex, and cultural issues. It’s a must-have arsenal for both novice and experienced professionals in family therapy, play therapy, psychology, psychiatry, counseling, education, nursing, and related fields.



"Remarkable for its breadth and depth, The Therapist’s Notebook for Children and Adolescents, 2nd edition, is the indispensable reference for play and expressive child and family therapies. Sori, Hecker, and Bachenberg offer a treasure trove of play strategies for virtually any child and adolescent issue. The second edition is mostly new and thoroughly updated. The strategies can be adapted to most theoretical orientations and all are practical and field tested. If I had to choose one book for my play therapy and family therapy libraries, this would be it!"

—Douglas H. Sprenkle, PhD, professor emeritus of marriage and family therapy, Purdue University

"The Therapist’s Notebook for Children and Adolescents, 2nd edition, contains a potpourri of innovative techniques and strategies for conducting individual, family, and group psychotherapy. The notebook is transtheoretical in nature, so it will appeal to therapists from diverse orientations and disciplines who wish to broaden and strengthen their knowledge and skills. Highly recommended!"

—Charles E. Schaefer, PhD, RPT-S, professor emeritus of psychology, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and cofounder and director emeritus of the Association for Play Therapy

"In the updated edition of this classic book, Sori and colleagues once again have pulled together a treasure chest full of innovative and inspired ideas to treat children and families. This book will spark readers’ creativity and is an absolute must have for practitioners and for training programs in counseling, play therapy, and family therapy. Chapters illustrate playful ways to engage children and families in the therapeutic process, and they also address many serious issues facing today’s youths and families. This book is resplendent with field-tested ideas written by some of the masters in the fields of family therapy and play therapy. A brilliant book to refer to whenever you need information and inspiration!"

—Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, distinguished professor of Adlerian psychology, Adler University

"The second edition of The Therapist’s Notebook for Children and Adolescents definitely exceeds the first. It is an exceptional guide for working with children. I strongly recommend it for those who work with children and adolescents and believe it should be required reading in all clinical training programs."

—Joseph L. Wetchler, PhD, professor of marriage and family therapy at Purdue University Calumet and coeditor of An Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy, 2nd edition

"In this second edition of The Therapist's Notebook for Children and Adolescents there is a rich wealth of tools for enabling children and young people to explore and express their feeligns using play and creative mediums… One of the main strengths of this book is its accesibility. The very clear structure and layout make it straightforward to dip in to for ideas, guidances, strategies and techniques for a wide range of issues… As the chapters are written by authors from different theoretical orientations, the reader gains a flavour of the specific theory each is anchored in… I would therefore recommend the book to all play therapists as a valuable reference point and for inspiration. Even those who are more non-directive will find new insights and fresh stimulation for their creativity and practise."

-Helen Gedge, Liverpool, British Association of Play Therapy


Softcover, 362 pages


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