The Feelings Wheel Game

The Feelings Wheel Game

Product Number : 609421400

  • A great game set that helps develop children's emotional intelligence
  • Includes two colorful game boards (basic and advanced), colorful rubber markers for up to 8 players, dice, a helpful glossary of all 64 feeling words, and a Getting Started DVD
  • Use this versatile game to build a rich emotional vocabulary

A liberating, entertaining activity that teaches 64 feeling words while facilitating individual and group decision-making. Serves as a foundation for developing children's emotional intelligence, empathy, and meaningful, enriching relationships.

Great tool for teaching purposeful expression of positive and negative feelings, social and communication skills, and anger control.

Two colorful 16 x 16 game boards basic and slightly advanced. Basic (shown here) has 32 feeling words plus drawings of facial expressions to help children with their visual awareness of emotions. Includes a helpful glossary for all 64 feeling words.

Colorful, rubber markers are included for up to 8 players plus two dice

Printed companion guide describes game possibilities, glossary, helpful playing hints, and suggestions for professional use.
Over 26,000 sold in the USA and overseas; now in its 8th printing. Includes Getting Started DVD.

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