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Teens - Relationships with People, Places and Things workbook*

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Teens usually take the word ""relationships"" as existing only between people. The activities in Teens - Relationships with People, Places and Things, will help teens explore their relationships in all facets of their lives and they will discover which are healthy and which ones need change. Teens will learn skills they will use throughout their lifetime to build and maintain healthy relationships.

This workbook covers the following teen connections:

1. Family /People at Home primary experiences that affect teens views of how people live their lives.

2. Peers possibly the most influential people during adolescence.

3. Romantic Partners first love that awakens and intensifies emotions.

4. Places physical locations, their memories and impact.

5. Tangible Things money and materialism, and their degree of importance in teens lives.

6. Intangible Things ideas, traits and influences that contribute to character.

7. Self a powerful relationship that affects all other alliances.

About the Author:

Ester A. Leutenberg has worked in the mental health profession for many years as an author, publisher and as an advocate for those suffering from loss. She personally experienced a loss when her son Mitchell, after struggling with a mental illness for eight years, died by suicide in 1986.

Soon after, as a way of both healing and helping others, she co-founded Wellness Reproductions & Publishing with her daughter Kathy Khalsa. Ester began developing therapeutic products that help facilitators help their clients. She is the co-author of the SEALS series for teenagers as well as Meaningful Life Skills for older adults, and the eight-book Life Management Skills series for adults.

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Spiral Bound
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150 pages
Black and White illustrations
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