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Teens - Accept and Embrace Diversity*

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Exclusion or inclusion, discord or harmony hinge on hating or appreciating cultural differences. This book is very relevant today because school shootings and teen suicides often relate to being left out, laughed at, and bullied because of cultural differences.

Teens - Accept and Embrace Diversity capitalizes on what comes naturally cohesion not cruelty. Teens can un-learn bigotry and become broad-minded, experience empathy for people they previously judged and replace criticism with compassion. To welcome diversity reduces and/or diminishes prejudice and nurtures respect for ones own and others cultures. The activities in this book will encourage teens to accept other cultures' various views and to become aware of the influences of their own home life, environment, friends, community, and media. They will be encouraged to think for themselves.

To embrace diversity is a giant step toward life, and a better quality of life, for potentially marginalized people and for possible perpetrators of prejudice, who focus on becoming promoters of peace.

About the Author:

Ester A. Leutenberg has worked in the mental health profession for many years as an author, publisher and as an advocate for those suffering from loss. She personally experienced a loss when her son Mitchell, after struggling with a mental illness for eight years, died by suicide in 1986.

Soon after, as a way of both healing and helping others, she co-founded Wellness Reproductions & Publishing with her daughter Kathy Khalsa. Ester began developing therapeutic products that help facilitators help their clients. She is the co-author of the SEALS series for teenagers as well as Meaningful Life Skills for older adults, and the eight-book Life Management Skills series for adults.

Book Info:
Spiral Bound
Soft Cover
140 pages
Black and White illustrations
Approximately 9 x 11 x .5 inches