Tasks Galore: Making Groups Meaningful*

Tasks Galore: Making Groups Meaningful*

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Tasks Galore
by Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey

These delightful "how to" books are each filled with over 200 creative ideas for teachers, therapists, and parents working with children who have autism. Each book features full-color pictures of multi-modal tasks that have been used in TEACCH-affiliated programs for children with autism. The pictures visually demonstrate the tasks to be created and include a brief description of the object of the task. These tasks emphasize:

  • Individualization
  • Structure
  • Organization
  • Clarity
  • Movement
  • Sensory input
  • Strengths and interests

Tasks Galore: Volume 1 helps you create tasks that teach: Fine Motor Skills, Readiness, Language Arts, Math, Reasoning, and Play. Tasks Galore for the Real World focuses on: Domestic Skills, Independent Functioning, and Vocational Skills. Tasks Galore: Making Groups Meaningful focuses on setting up positive group activities including project, movement, and music groups.
Tasks Galore: Let’s Play shows you how to use routines, organizational strategies, and visual cues to make play more understandable and thereby enhance social interaction. All four books also offer curriculum and assessment strategies for working with exceptional children.

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