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Tangle Therapy Set with Book

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  • 4 Tangle items in one package
  • Great for sensory therapy
  • Includes 3 different tangle products and one methods book

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These 'Magic in Motion' manipulatives:

Appeal to all ages - Can be used as an anti-stress device - Help fidgety, overactive, and disabled individuals - Encourage creativity - Help with focusing issues - Are a great brain tool

This set includes one each of the following:

Tangle TherapyThis twistable therapy device is a new ergonomic approach to stress relief, as well as a manipulative for hand therapy. *20 interconnected twistable pieces *Made of ABS plastic covered with a soft (latex free) rubberized material *Blue/Purple/Green


Tangle Jr. with TextureWith bumps and grooves, this smaller version of the original, textured Tangle, provides tactile and visual sensory stimulation making it impossible to put down. Color may vary. (Made of 18 interconnected 1" pieces, ABS plastic.)

Tangle Jr. FuzziesFuzzy and multi-colored, this Junior Tangle is comforting to play with. (Made of 18, interconnected 1" pieces, ABS plastic with fuzzy covering.)

Learning with Tangle Brain Tools BookPre-K through Grade 6. This book provides the perfect path to meaningful learning at home and in school. It is full of activities to help children discover the path to higher learning.Activities in the book: help transform passive learning to active learning; facilitate communication between both sides of brain; and stimulate creative play.

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