Symbolic Figure Play Therapy Toys Set

Symbolic Figure Play Therapy Toys Set

Product Number : 110172500-1

  • Selected by Dr. Gary
  • An excellent value
  • Quickly expand your selection of play therapy items
  • Includes dolls, figurines, puppets, and more

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This set is a fantastic addition to the Mobile Kit or any play therapy room. It would cost over $350 if each of these items was bought individually!

It includes a variety of puppets, figures, Magic Baby Bottles, and a mood stamp set.

-Dollhouse Family
- Dolls are poseable and include mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, and children. Adults are 4.5 inches tall. The skin tone will be the same as the puppets (see below). Doll family will vary from picture, depending on the ethnicity. African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian.

-36 to 42 inch Snake - Vividly colored, flexible rubber snake; Color may vary

-Witch - Hand painted spooky flying witch figurine! 3 inches tall

-Wizard - High quality and durable figurine.Approx 3.5 inches

-Ghost - Durable, hand painted;Length 3 inches, height 3.8 inches

-Fairy - Durable 3.5 inch figurine

-Cerberus - High quality and durable figurine.Approx 3.5 inches

-12 Farm Animals - Realistically detailed plastic animal playset. Cows are about 3.5 inches tall

-10 piece Pet Set: - Large Pets, Domestic cats and dogs. Up to 3.5 inches tall and 6 inches long

-8 Dinosaurs - Set of eight dinosaurs. The largest one is seven inches long and four inches tall

-Snowy Owl-High quality owl miniature, 2.5 L x 1.5 H (6.5 x 4 cm)

-Puppet Family-4 piece Family Puppet Set (select skin tone below) - This attractive set of family puppets include Mother, Father, Sister and Brother. Features real working mouths to encourage self-expression and creative play. They have permanently sewn on clothes, made of polyester and can be spot cleaned. The adult measures 10 high. African American, Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian

-Sheep Puppet- Durable stage puppet, 17 inches tall.

-Alligator Puppet- Realistically rendered puppet, with silk-screened velour, velveteen body, and soft plastic teeth; ready to chomp his way through your playroom! About 24 inches long and 13 inches wide.

-Shark Puppet - 17 inch shark; use one hand to animate the mouth and the other to move the tail.

-Dog Puppet - This dog puppet is made of super-soft kohair material and is fully lined. Puppet measures 12 from top to bottom .

-Cat Puppet- 9 inches, very soft and cuddly. Works well with adult and child hands.

-Blue Monster Puppet -This monster puppet measures approximately 21 inches tall with fuzzy blue fur with green accents, big eyes, and a green tongue.

-Wizard Puppet - This wizard's long robe and tall hat are both made from a purple velveteen material accented with gold crescent moons and stars. A gold cord ties around his waist. His legs are made of purple silk, and his feet are black felt. Stands about 14 tall. Hand enters through the bottom of the puppet, arm rod not included.

-Magic Baby Bottles - The liquid in these two baby doll bottles appears to drain as baby feeds, and then refill when the bottles are turned upright. This set includes a 5 inch milk and 4.5 inch tall juice bottle. 

Please note: Your kit may not be exactly as pictured. Substitutions do occur, but substitutes will always be of equal or greater value.

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