Stress Free Kids Curriculum Teacher Kit

Stress Free Kids Curriculum Teacher Kit

Product Number : 15100S11606

  • This wonderful set teaches research-based techniques to help children manage their stress
  • No prior teaching experience needed
  • Includes 2 CD's with stories and music, 6 paperback books for the lessons, lesson plans and sample conversations, worksheets for every story and lesson, and songs and movement activities
  • Recommended for ages 5-8

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By Lori Lite, appropriate for children 5-8 years old.

A comprehensive set including detailed step by step instructions, activity worksheets, certificate of completion, plus 2 CD's and 6 paperback books, all contained in a sturdy storage case.

This stress management curriculum incorporates the 4 research-based techniques of diaphragmatic breathing, visualizing, progressive muscle relaxation, and affirmations. Each stress reducing technique is reinforced with stories, songs, movement, music, and worksheets. The characters in the stories show children how to manage stress, anger, worry, anxiety, and fear while increasing their self-esteem. Each lesson is designed to introduce easy, tangible, practical stress reducing solutions to daily living.

You do not need any prior teaching experience or familiarity with stress management techniques in order to use this curriculum, it does the work for you! Public schools, private schools, homeschoolers, youth leaders, therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, and parents have all successfully used this turnkey, stress management curriculum. Each lesson incorporates 4 research-based techniques, stories, songs, movement, music and worksheets. Your students will follow along as the characters in the stories learn to manage stress, anger, worry, anxiety, and fear while increasing self-esteem. Each lesson is designed to introduce children to easy, tangible, practical stress reducing solutions to daily living.


-Indigo Dreams CD, Indigo Ocean Dreams CD (2 full hours include 8 stories/40 minutes of music)

-6 paperback books for the lessons including Angry Octopus, Sea Otter Cove, Affirmation Weaver, Bubble Riding, The Goodnight Caterpillar, and A Boy and a Turtle.

-Lesson Plans/Sample conversations

-Worksheets for each story or lesson

-Songs and movement activities

Each lesson is structured as follows:

-Movement activity: Movement, singing, and laughing help children to release energy

-Explanation: Children are given an age appropriate explanation of research-based technique they will be experiencing in the story. Dialogue is provided.

-Story time or Lesson: Stories incorporate actual techniques for stress management, anger management, or self-esteem. Children are entertained as the lesson focuses on stress reducing, relaxation techniques.

-Discussion: Lively discussion encourages children to share and discuss when they can incorporate techniques they experienced into their daily lives.

-Worksheet and Relaxation Music: Children listen to relaxing music as they take time to reinforce the lesson with provided art sheets. Children become aware of how music can be another relaxation tool.

-Certificate of Completion: Certificates are included to conclude and celebrate graduation from each lesson.

About the Author

Lori Lite is a parenting stress expert and author. Lori has created an award-winning line of books, CD's, and lesson plans designed to help children, teens, and parents decrease stress, lower anxiety, and control anger. Her sought-after practical tips provide parents with real-time solutions. Lori shares her own experiences as a stressed-out mom in an honest and accessible way. Her personal parenting challenges with getting her children to sleep were the catalyst for her stories. She has the unique ability of communicating how to integrate stress management techniques and self-esteem building activities into your family's life.

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