STICKIDS for Therapists

STICKIDS for Therapists

Product Number : CTA-1A

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For Therapists

Here’s a terrific resource for anyone working with children who have sensory processing difficulties, autism, attention-deficit disorder, or self-regulation problems. This interactive software and activity kit makes it easy to create individualized therapy routines using colorful picture planners, activity cards, and games. These routines can improve children’s focus, attention, emotional stability, daily living and coping skills, and functional motor abilities.
Designed for therapists, STICKIDS
can be easily customized to accommodate various therapeutic perspectives and preferences. Select activities from the following categories: Motion, Heavy Work, Pressure ’n Touch, Suck Chew ’n Breath, Retreat, Routines & Planning, Tips Tools ’n Doing, and Clinic Time. Easily create and print any of 8 different individualized and customized planners, including weekly or monthly planners, activity cards for games, reminders, and portable planners. The program is quite adaptable, allowing you to select pictures and activities that work in any setting, from home to clinic to classroom.
Hardware requirements: Pentium 200, VGA 800 x 600, 64MB RAM, 200MB Disk Space. Windows 98 or newer and color printer.

“…such an easy-to-use, accessible tool for setting up and implementing sensory strategies and programs! Parents and assistants are so excited about using something concrete and relevant for them. STICKIDS™ is making my practice so much more interesting!”
    Judith, Occupational Therapist

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