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Sootheze Scruffy Dog Collar

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  • Innovative sensory plush toy
  • Relaxing and essential lavender oil aromatherapy
  • Warm or cold therapy
  • Filled with a custom blend of 9 different food-quality herbs

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The Aromatherapy Dog Collar is heavier than a typical plush toy and is soft and cuddly. The scruffy fabric of the dog provides a soft and snuggly feel. This Dog Collar can be heated in the microwave to provide warmth and activate the relaxing natural herbs within (lasts up to 4 hours); or cooled in the freezer to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy. It is designed to drape comfortably around the neck and shoulders. It can also be wrapped around knees, feet and other areas with aches or poor circulation.

The relaxing and essential lavender oil aromatherapy is derived from a custom blend of nine different food-quality herbs believed to calm anxiety and provide comfort to children. The warmth of the herbs is believed to sooth aches and pains, help people sleep, and provide relief from colds, flu, and cramps. Lavender oil administered in an aroma stream increases feelings of relaxation. Cold therapy has been shown to reduce pain in patients after knee and other joint surgery and to be an effective treatment for people recovering tissue injuries, pain and decreasing muscle spasms.

24" long, 6" wide, Filled with a custom blend of 9 different food-quality herbs.