Play Therapy With Children in Crisis (Fourth Edition)*
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Play Therapy With Children in Crisis (Fourth Edition)*

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This practical casebook and widely adopted text presents effective, creative approaches to helping children who have experienced such stressful situations as parental death or divorce, abuse and neglect, violence in the school or community, and natural disasters. New to This Edition: Incorporates advances in knowledge on crisis intervention, trauma, and short-term play therapy. 17 of the 21 chapters are entirely new. Additional topics: parental military deployment, the impact of Hurricane Katrina on families, immigration-related trauma, terrorism, and disrupted adoption.


"Nancy Boyd Webb has assembled an exceptional group of authors for her book, both from the United States and United Kingdom....Well written, and contains varied and relevant topics to the world of counseling children. Any counselor will be able to find information that applies to his or her particular practice. The references in the book are up to date, and the chapters are well organized....This book is highly recommended for any counselor who works with children, not just those who specialize in crisis intervention. It gives detailed information on therapy interventions and provides many resources for further exploration."

-Family Journal

"This is an extraordinary addition to the clinical literature. The scope, breadth, and depth of the book speak volumes about the clinical expertise of the author, who is an undisputed expert in the field of play therapy. In this groundbreaking third edition, she delivers a well organized, comprehensive book that offers traditional as well as up-to-date knowledge on play therapy methods. This much-needed resource is a timely addition to the professional literature....5 stars!"

-Doody's Review Service

"A much-needed and outstanding resource. The contributors clearly describe the most current research findings about trauma and crisis intervention and translate their knowledge into sound practice guidelines using interesting, in-depth case studies. The chapters are rich with therapeutic wisdom and insight. This impressive book will prove invaluable to professionals who work with children in a variety of settings, including mental health agencies, schools, social services, and private practice. Webb is to be commended for bringing together, in one volume, appropriate treatment interventions for the many forms of trauma experienced by children."

-Cindy Miller-Perrin, PhD, Department of Psychology, Pepperdine University

"The third edition ofPlay Therapy with Children in Crisishas all the hallmarks of a Nancy Boyd Webb book: outstanding contributors; well-organized, integrated chapters; comprehensive coverage; and state-of-the-art knowledge."

-David A. Crenshaw, PhD, private practice, Rhinebeck, New York

"A unique addition to the clinical literature. The contributors provide insightful theoretical and case-based discussions of children struggling with very real-and very contemporary-trauma-related issues. The case transcripts, study questions, current references, and logical, thematic structure make this third edition a valuable resource both for the classroom and for those providing individual, group, and family intervention services."

-Lawrence C. Rubin, PhD, LMHC, RPT-S, Mental Health Counseling Program, St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida

"The scope of this book is enormous! Chapters include practical information regarding the treatment of children who have survived a wide range of traumatic events. Going beyond the basic principles of play therapy, the volume covers such far-reaching topics as differential diagnosis, trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy for children, and the vicarious traumatization experienced by clinicians. For both students and seasoned clinicians, this third edition is sure to provide something helpful and new to all of its readers."

-Janine Shelby, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles


I. Theoretical Overview

1. The Family and Community Context of Children Facing Crisis or Trauma, Nancy Boyd Webb

2. Assessment of the Child Following Crisis or Trauma: The Challenge of Differential Diagnosis, Kathleen Nader

3. Crisis Intervention Play Therapy with Children, Nancy Boyd Webb

II. Crises in the Family

4. Child Exposure to Parental Violence: Case of Amanda, Age 4, Maxine Weinreb and Betsy McAlister Groves

5. Parental Abuse and Subsequent Foster Home Placement, Marilyn B. Benoit

6. Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Child Sexual Abuse and Exposure to Violence: Case of Mary, Age 6, Felicia Neubauer, Esther Deblinger, and Karin Sieger

7. The Enduring Crisis of Divorce for Children and Their Parents, Judith P. Siegel

8. The Crisis of Adoption Disruption and Dissolution, Pamela S. Bruning

9. After a Parent's Death: Group, Family, and Individual Therapy to Help Children, Donna L. Schuurman and Jana DeCristofaro

10. Living beyond the Crisis of Childhood Cancer, Robin F. Goodman

11. The Crisis of Parental Deployment in Military Service, Joseph R. Herzog and R. Blaine Everson

III. School-Based Crisis Intervention

12. New Approaches to Preventing Peer Abuse among Children, Elizabeth K. Englander and Christine Lawson

13. The Crisis of Deaths in Schools: Interventions with Students, Parents, and Teachers, Roxia B. Bullock

14. Helping Forgotten Victims: Using Activity Groups with Children Who Witness Violence, Danielle Nisivoccia and Maxine Lynn

15. School-Based Play Therapy and Solution-Oriented Brief Counseling for Children in Crisis: Case of Melinda, Age 6, Suzanne C. Griffith

IV. Crises in the Community and World

16. International Interventions and Challenges Following the Crisis of Natural Disasters, Jennifer Baggerly
17. The Crisis of Family Separation Following Traumatic Mass Destruction: Jungian Analytical Play Therapy in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Eric J. Green
18. Sudden Death of a Parent in a Terrorist Attack: Crisis Intervention Conjoint Play Therapy with a Preschool Boy and His Mother, Nancy Boyd Webb
19. Multiple Traumas of Undocumented Immigrants-Crisis Reenactment Play Therapy: Case of Ximena, Age 12, Rowena Fong and Ilze Earner
20. Brief Narrative Play Therapy with Refugees, Ann Cattanach
V. Support for Therapists
21. Helping the Helpers: Guidelines to Prevent Vicarious Traumatization of Play Therapists Working with Traumatized Children, Katherine Ryan and Maddy Cunningham
Appendix. Play Therapy Resources
About the Editor
Eliana Gil, PhD, is Clinical and Educational Specialist for Childhelp, Inc., in Fairfax, Virginia. She is also a partner in a private group practice, the Gil Center for Healing and Play, which provides mental health services to children and families for a variety of emotional, behavioral, and social problems, where she specializes in the treatment of traumatized children and their families. She is an adjunct faculty member at Virginia Tech's Family Therapy Department, a registered play therapy supervisor, a registered art therapist, and a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor. A well-known author, lecturer, and clinician, Dr. Gil has worked in the field of child abuse prevention and treatment for more than 35 years. She has published numerous books and videotapes on child abuse and related topics, has served on the Board of Directors of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children and the National Resource Center on Child Sexual Abuse, and is a former President of the Association for Play Therapy. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, Dr. Gil is bilingual and bicultural. She consults and trains across the country and currently conducts intensive 3-day trainings through the Starbright Training Institute for Child and Family Play Therapy in northern Virginia.
Hardcover, 489 pages.

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