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Mi Familia ha Cambiado*

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  • Coloring book to help children navigate divorce and separation
  • With adult supervision, this coloring book will help to express and explain the process of divorce, and support them through the difficult challenges they are facing
  • Available only in Spanish
  • Ages 3 and up

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This educational coloring book is a useful tool and guide to address separation and divorce situations with children. The separation and divorce of parents iswithout doubt one of the most shocking challenges children can experience. This book has been developed to help parents and adults who work with children, to address, explain and support children through these difficult changes.

This book is designed to use under adult supervision and with adult involvement. The adult should guide and support the child assuring he/she is getting the information and concepts in a proper way taking into account the childs age and needs.

Includes: parent and adult guide + 16 pages to complete and paint.
Autors: Constanza Bordagorry / Nicols Barcel
Ilustrations: Maria Ignacia Barros
Grafic design: Micaela Villaseca

Available only in Spanish
Age: From 3 years old and up.