Kelso's Choice Posters (Grades K-3)
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Kelso's Choice Posters (Grades K-3)

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Kelso’s Choice
Conflict Management Skills Program
by Barbara Clark, Ph.D., and Diane Hipp, CPS

Kelso the Frog, an appealing little puppet, is the centerpiece of this highly effective conflict management curriculum. Based on the conviction that every child can become a peacemaker, the program teaches 9 conflict resolution strategies and helps kids distinguish between problems they can solve on their own and those requiring adult intervention. Kelso’s Choice includes:
  • Leader’s Guide—14 lessons, plus activities and a CD with all reproducibles
  • Willow Pond Storybook—5 stories in which Kelso resolves conflicts
  • 5 Color Posters—24" x 36", illustrating 9 conflict management strategies
  • Kelso Puppet—an adorable 14" frog
  • Kelso in Action DVD—10 vignettes in which real kids use Kelso’s strategies to solve problems
  • Conflict Management Ball—“toss and talk” tool that reinforces lessons learned
Flexible, fun, and effective, this program really changes behavior!

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