Indoor Snowball (set of 15)

Indoor Snowball (set of 15)

Product Number : 5050

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  • Fifteen indoor snowballs for indoor play
  • Made of polypropylene plastic
  • Light & fluffy, they even crunch when squeezed
  • Great playroom fun!

 These 100% polypropylene soft snowballs are perfectly formed and are ideal for an indoor snowball fun. Have all the fun of a snowball play indoors without the mess or the chill of being out in the cold wet snow with these Indoor Snowballs. These specially designed snowballs are light and fluffy and feel like a real snowball. Soft and safe, they even crunch when you squeeze them! 

There are 15 snowballs stored in a big clear tub.

Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up

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