Indigo Dreams: Teen Relaxation MUSIC*

Indigo Dreams: Teen Relaxation MUSIC*

Product Number : 15108S13706

  • Teens face an immense amount of pressure and stress, this CD is designed to help them relax, process and sleep
  • 60 minute music CD contains 4 15 minute long tracks with teen-friendly beats and sounds of nature
  • Introducing teens to simple relaxation and stress management tools will teach them skills they can use throughout their lives

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By Lori Lite, approximately 60 minutes long.


Indigo Dreams: Teen Relaxation Music is designed to appeal to the teen listener. Teen-friendly beats and sounds of nature help to achieve a deep state of relaxation and sleep. The hang drum, guitar, didgeridoo, and sitar create a relaxing oasis, where dreams are realized, thoughts become clear, and deep relaxation is achieved.


This CD provides a full hour of music designed to help teens stop the stress and chatter in their heads. It is easy for teens to imagine drifting out to sea with Breezy Point, strolling a city street with SOHO, falling in love with Park Slope, and watching the world walk by in slow motion with Tribeca.


Note to Parents:

A recent study by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America showed that 73 percent of teens report the number-one reason for using drugs is to deal with the pressures and stress of school. Do not underestimate the impact of stress on teens. Introducing our teens to simple relaxation, stress management tools like music can change their lives.

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