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Hot Stuff to Help Kids (Anger, Anxiety, Stress)*

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  • A useful resource for older children and teens dealing with anger, anxiety, and stress
  • Written in simple language so its easy to read and understand
  • Ages 9-16

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By Jerry Wilde, Ph.D.


Hot Stuff To Help Kids is a practical, activity-based guide designed to help children and adolescents who struggle with anxiety, anger and stress. Hot Stuff speaks directly to kids in a language they can easily understand and empowers readers by helping them learn the tools needed to manage their emotions. This is an interactive and engaging book that teaches kids how to change how they think.

Readers will learn:

-What really causes emotions (it's different than you think)

-The connections between thoughts and feelings

-The use of imagery and visualization to manage feelings

-Dozens of practical strategies that really work


Learn how to manage your emotions instead of your emotions managing you! Ages 9-16.


158 pages, 6.2 x 9.2 x .5 inches, paperback.

About the Author:

Jerry Wilde is a professor of educational psychology for Indiana University East. Prior to this academic appointment, he spent years working with students who had emotional, behavioral, and learning difficulties. It was through his experiences with children and families that he learned the skills and techniques included in his books. His experiences with his own health problems have reinforced his beliefs about the nature of emotions. After experiencing kidney failure and being on dialysis, he was fortunate enough to receive a kidney transplant. However, he developed cancer in his transplanted kidney and went back on dialysis for two years. On February 24, 2012, he received his second kidney transplant. Through it all, Jerry remains optimistic and stubbornly refuses to let this difficulties change his outlook on life. Other than psychology, the great loves of his life are his family, the Iowa Hawkeyes, the Minnesota Twins, and Diet Mt. Dew.