Family Quest On The Go! Card Game*

Family Quest On The Go! Card Game*

Product Number : 15100E51809

  • A cooperative game for the family
  • Play anywhere and anytime
  • Stimulating game encourages families to communicate their feelings and work together towards a common goal
  • Suitable for counselors, therapists, teachers, and families

Now you can play Family Quest anywhere and anytime with the Family Quest On The Go! card game. Counselors and therapists can take it with them to in-home visits, school sites, and ancillary offices. Families can play this version of the game in the car, on vacation, at the beach, waiting in a long line, etc.

Family Quest On The Go! Card Game is made up of three types of cards. Family Discussion Cards, which are designed to allow the individual family members to tell about themselves and how they feel about certain topics. The Family Trivia Cards give family members a chance to see how well they know the other members of their family, and the Family Connection Cards require family members to work together with another family member to try and answer questions about their family.

Family Quest On The Go! Card Game can be used as a supplement to Family Quest Board Game or as a stand alone card game. Thee Family Trivia cards are great to help with family reunification cases or as a barometer to see how well families know one another. The cards can also be used when there are only a few minutes left in a session or as an ice breaker. Family Quest On The Go! card game can be played at home.

Recommended for ages 7 and up.
Two or more players.
There is no maximum number of players on this version, but play may slow down if there are more than six players.

Each box of Family Quest On The Go! comes with 63 Family Discussion Cards, 46 Family Trivia Cards, 41 Family Connection Cards, and a set of Instruction Cards.

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