Dream On! A Book About Possibilities
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Dream On! A Book About Possibilities

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  • Part of the Being the Best Me! Series by Cheri J. Meiners
  • Cheerfully nurtures children's imaginations and encourages them to make goals and work towards them
  • Features a special section for adults with discussion questions, activities and more

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By Cheri J Meiners, M.Ed

Imagination, dreams, and motivation are key elements of young children's happiness and health. Thinking about goals, possibilities, and the future can help children cope with challenges when they arise and view life through a hopeful lens.

With this cheerful and optimistic book, nurture children's imaginations as you encourage them to think about the future and focus on goals that matter to them. At the same time, help little ones appreciate and feel grateful for what they already have, and do their part to help other people feel happy and hopeful as well.

Meant for reading aloud, Dream On! includes a special section for adults, featuring discussion questions, activities, games, and tips that reinforce the lessons from the book. Ages 4-8.


40 pages, 9.2 x 11.5 x .25 inches, color illustrations, paperback.

About the Author:

Cheri J Meiners, M.Ed. has her master's degree in elementary education and gifted education. The author of the award-winning Learning to Get Along social skills series for young children and a former first-grade teacher, she has taught education classes at Utah State University and has supervised student teachers. Cheri and her husband, David, have six children and enjoy the company of their lively grandchildren.

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