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*Cucho le dice no al estrés

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A book designed to process and treat situations of childrens stress related to changes, demands or unexpected events of their lives. The story of Cucho will help children process and handle stress in a healthier way and will provide adults with a useful tool to help children overcome and work through these situations. This book is an excellent tool for parents and adults who work with children.

Cucho is a cat who has a normal and happy life until he has to deal with unexpected and stressful changes. Cucho begins to experience mixed emotions and difficult feelings. A mysterious and wise cat teaches him to cope with and accept these changes in ways that make him feel better. The book includes an adult/parental guide.

Hard cover book, dimensions 7.87x7.78. Introduction and parent guide Included.
Authors: N. Barcel G./ C. Bordagorry A.
Illustration: Team MunditoDT
Graphic design: CABU

Available only in Spanish
Age: From 2 years old and up.