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Conquer Your Fears & Phobias for Teens: How to Build Courage & Stop Fear from Holding You Back

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  • An easy to read workbook that helps teens build courage and overcome the fears that maybe holding them back
  • Uses cognitive behavioral techniques to overcome fears such as: animals or insects, storms and weather, blood and needles, being alone or in a crowded place, and more
  • Teaches techniques and approaches that will continue to benefit teens throughout their lives

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By Andrea Umbach, PsyD


Don't let fear stand in your way.


If you experience extreme fear of have a phobia, every day can feel like a roller coaster ride. After all, life is difficult enough without fear getting in the way. So, how can you break free from the fears that hold you back, reach your goals, and be your best?


Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens offers easy-to-use cognitive behavioral techniques to help you overcome fears and phobias before they get the better of you. Inside, you'll find fun and practical skills for coping with the distressing thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and behaviors that can arise when you feel scared. Plus, you'll discover ways to face the situations that cause you to feel fearful in the first place.


In this book, you'll learn powerful skills for managing fears of:

-Animals of insects

-Storms, water or the dark

-Blood, needles or vomiting

-Heights, bridges, or elevators

-Being alone or in crowded places

-Driving, flying, or other transportation

-and more


240 pages, 9.8 x 7.9 x .7 inches, paperback


About the Author: Andrea Umbach, PsyD, is passionate about helping individuals face and overcome their fears in order to allow for more functional and anxiety-free living. Umbach has trained under experts in the areas of anxiety, hoarding, and trichotillomania. She practices from a cognitive-behavioral approach focused on increasing flexibility in thinking and making adaptive behavior changes. Umbach enjoys working with kids, teens and adults in both individual and group formats as well as providing trainings, presentations, and consultations.