Complete Sand Play Introductory Set (Tray, Sand, & Miniatures)

Complete Sand Play Introductory Set (Tray, Sand, & Miniatures)

Product Number : 104172500-1

  • Everything you need to get started with sand play therapy
  • Wide assortment of miniatures, eight member family with your choice of ethnicity, 24 x 17.5 x 4 inch sand tray, and 25 pounds of white sand
  • All items are hand picked by Dr. Yorke and are optimized to provide the best value for beginning therapists or seasoned professionals
  • Figures range in size. Family ranges from 1.75 inches to 5 inches tall. Please see product description for more measurements

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This package contains everything that you will need to get started with sand play therapy, at a great price. Don't forget to select your family above!

Kit includes:

- Sky Blue Sand Tray A sturdy double walled plastic tray. Tray measures 24 x 17.5 x 4 and is a deep blue; just the right tone for sand play and simulates water and sky. (Inside dimensions are 22 x 16 x 4.)

- Twenty Five Pounds of White Sand 100% natural, environmentally friendly, and safe.

- Down on the Farm Play Set12 pc set of hand-painted phthalate-free plastic miniatures, about 1 1/2 to 3. Includes: Tractor, Trailer, Red Barn, Farmer, Hay Bale, Pig, Hen with Chick, Rooster, Holstein Cow, Shire Horses, Ewe, and German Shepherd.

- Mini Aquatic Play Set: 12 sea animals

- Knight & Dragon SetPhthalate-free plastic figurines, 1 1/2 to 3. Includes Pikeman, Knight with Lance, Knight with Battle Ax, Knight with Halbred, Knight with Great Sword, Knight with Two-Handed Sword, Red War Horse, Blue War Horse, Knight with Pennon, Catapult, Mounted Knight, and Dragon.

- On the Road Vehicle SetMiniatures are hand-painted and phthalate-free plastic; size range is 1 1/2 to 3. Set includes: Police Car, Delivery Truck, Fire Truck, School Bus, Pick-up Truck, Sports Car, Motorcycle, ATV, and Semi Truck.

- Wild West ToobEach figure is professionally sculpted and finely hand-painted. All products are phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested. Figures range in size from 1 1/2 to 3 h (4 to 7.5 cm). Includes: Cowboy with Lasso, Annie Oakley, Texas Longhorn Bull, Cowboy on Horse, Pioneer Woman with Child, Horse, Indian Chief, Indian Brave, Buffalo, Indian TeePee, Covered Wagon, and Indian Woman

- Fairy Fantasies ToobThis collection of six fairies includes brightly colored figures that represent different flowers.

- Space Toob :1 1/2 to 3 H (4 to 7.5 cm). Suggested age 3+. Includes: Astronaut with Suit, Astronaut with Jet Pack, Moon Rover, Astronaut with Red Suit, Astronaut with Red Jet Pack, Private Ham, ISS, Saturn 5 Rocket, Gemini Capsule, Apollo, Space Shuttle, and Hubble Telescope.

- Dinosaur Toob: Replica Size is 1 1/2 to 3 H (4 to 7.5 cm). Includes: Triceratops, Iguanodon, Corythosaurus, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Trannosaurus, Dimetrodon, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Diplodocus, and Pteranodon.

- Trees ToobEach tree is professionally sculpted and hand-painted. Sizes are 1 1/2 to 3 tall. Includes: pine, elm, juniper, monkey puzzle, topiary, petticoat, 2 maples, and 2 aspens.

- Community Workers/People ToobSeven people measuring between 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 tall; variety of professions.

- Venomous Creatures ToobEach mini figure is carefully sculpted and finely painted by hand to ensure realism. These tiny, yet highly detailed figures, depict venomous creatures from around the world. They are perfect for sand play and representing a variety of fears, wishes, and impulses. Includes: Cane Toad, Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake, Bat Ray, Komodo Dragon, Brown Tarantula, Giant Centipede, Fat-Tailed Scorpion, Stone Fish, and Common Indian Cobra.

- Wild Animal Collection ToobHand-painted phthalate-free plastic, 1 1/2 to 3. Includes: Giraffe, Brown Bear, Tiger, Camel, Lion, Crocodile, Gorilla, Hippo, Rhino, Zebra, Panther, and Elephant.

- Three Beer Cans 1.5"All cans have a pick on the end so they can be stood up in stand. The picks may be snapped off if you prefer.

- Two Wine Bottles: 3.5" Red Wine Bottles.

- Six Fence Pieces: 6 long fence pieces.

- Two Bridges2 bridges. 4 1/2 x 3.

- Three Jets: plastic and die-cast metal jets.

- 5 Piece Die-cast Vehicle Set5 sturdy die-cast vehicles, 3 long.

- Tank: Two realistic 4 plastic tanks.

- Pretend Play Family in Your Choice of Ethnicity: Pretend Family of Eight (Don't forget to select option above) Contemporary 8-piece family. Includes grandparents, children, and parents. Made of durable, soft vinyl. The tallest figure is about 5 tall and the baby is about 1 3/4 tall (Asian, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic). 

- Dog: Nicely detailed dog, approximately 2.5 tall.

- Cat: Nicely detailed cat, approximately 2.5 tall.

- Fire Department: 10 pc set Ready for action, fire fighter set. Includes cones, sign, 2 fighters, and 3 diecast metal vehicles.

- Sports Ball Set: Sports ball set includes baseball and bat, basketball, football, soccer ball, and two goal posts. Posts are approximately 5 tall.

- Two Houses: Approximately 2 high.

- Soldier Set: 2 1/4 soldiers in a variety of poses.

- Mini Insect Set: Twelve 1 to 2 insects.

-Garden Wishing Well

Note: Your kit may not be exactly as pictured. Substitutions do occur, but substituted items will be of equal or greater value.

*Please NOTE:  The 25 lbs of sand will arrive 5 -7 days after the initial order is sent.

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