Complete Play Therapy Room
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Complete Play Therapy Room

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  • A terrific value and an abundance of great therapy tools
  • This is a great way to start your play therapy room, or expand on what you are currently using
  • This set includes everything you need to start a brand new playroom
  • Comes with games, cards, books, dolls, dress-up, and more
  • All items hand-picked by Dr. Gary Yorke

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This is one of the best values in play therapy. This play therapy room is packed!

-Hi-Rise Dollhouse & Furniture Set

Open-sided dollhouse perfect for home or school; Fresh, gender-neutral colors;
6 rooms plus elevator and garage; Includes 3 play people and 15 pieces of furniture;1:12 scale

Four dollhouse families:

-African-American Family (6 dolls)

-Asian-American Family (6 dolls)

-Hispanic-American Family (6 dolls)

-Caucasian Family (6 dolls)

Doll families are poseable and include mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, and children. Adults are 4.5 inches tall.  (Note: Your family may be slightly different than the one pictured)

Four puppet families:

-Asian Puppet Family

-African American Puppet Family

-Caucasian Puppet Family

-Hispanic Puppet Family

These attractive sets of family puppets include Mother, Father, Sister and Brother.
Features real working mouths to encourage self-expression and creative play.
They have permanently sewn on clothes, made of polyester and can be spot cleaned. The adult measures 10 high.

- Dr. Gary's Picks

SIX games and a children's book about feelings. Dr. Gary uses a lot of board games and decided to include some of his favorites in a single, discounted package, and in the playroom set.

- The Talking, Feeling and Doing Game

The first published therapeutic game, by Richard A. Gardner, M.D., is still one of the most popular tools used in child psychotherapy!
This game is played like a standard board game. The child and therapist place their playing pieces at START each in turn throws the dice, and moves a pawn along a path of squares. Depending upon the color of the square on which the piece lands, the player selects a TALKING CARD, FEELING CARD, or DOING CARD.

- Foam Unit Blocks

Set of 68 colorful, lightweight, easy to stack, dense foam blocks. 10 different shapes ranging in size from 1.5 to 6.75 make imaginative play easy. Comes with clear, plastic carrying case.

 - Handcuffs

Sturdy die cast metal cuffs come with keys, and quick release safety latch.

- Medium Diecast Metal Bus

4 inch metal bus. 2 inches tall.

- 10 Piece Fire Department Set

Ready for action, fire fighter set. Includes cones, sign, 2 inch fighters, and 3 inch diecast metal vehicles.

- Police Car, Ambulance

-Art Supply Kit:

Kit includes 2 pair of safety scissors, set of multi-colored construction paper, take along watercolor set, markers, 3 Drawing Pads, and set of triangle crayons.

- Go Fish: Fishing for Feelings

 This game teaches the skills needed to successfully deal with feelings, recognize feelings in others, and identify appropriate feelings. Players practice talking about their feelings in an open-ended and non-threatening way. The game plays like classic Go Fish. There are two decks of 50 cards in each game. One for children ages 5 to 8 years old,and the other for children ages 8 to ll years old.

- Classic Card Game Set

Animal Rummy, Go Fish and Old Maid card games with incredibly creative illustrations!


- Laminated Child Feelings Poster

18 x 24 Laminated.

- All six Dealing with Feelings Books

Books cover excitement, frustration, anger, pride and fear

- All six books in the Children's Problem Solving Series Set

Each book covers a common childhood challenge: cooperation, separation, name calling, anxiety, joining in, and waiting.

- 40 PC Combat Soldiers

40 solders in a variety of poses

- Police Helmet

- Wizard Hat

- Fire Fighter Helmet

- Construction Helmet

All kid's hats are made for active play with durable materials. One size fits all.

- Satin Half Mask:

Satin mask with reinforced eyelets.

-Deluxe Armor Set (Grey)

Helmet, breastplate, shield, and sword with sheath.

- Two Foam Swords

Soft foam sword, 25 inches long

- Medical Set

A nice economical doctor set. The set includes a stethoscope, head mirror, syringe, bottle, and more. Doctor case is 8 x 6 x 3.

- Tin Tool Box & Tool Set

Made of wood and rubber. Includes a saw, hammer, hatchet, screwdriver, wrench & pliers in a tin tool box. Tool box is about 8.25 inches long.

- Cell Phone

 - Magician's Wand

Fourteen inch magic wand. In the right hands it actually works magic (or so we've heard).

- Piece of Rope (6 feet)

Soft synthetic rope for symbolic play.

- Play Therapy Chalkboard & Chalk (Commercial Grade)

This human shaped board and chalk set provides another way for children to express themselves.
By providing a completely neutral figure children are free to create any person or character they wish.

- Lots to Cuddle Baby

These large, 20 dolls come in either a pink or peach colored outfit (add a note when you check out if you have a preference). The bodies are soft and cuddly, while the hands and head are constructed of a soft vinyl that gives the doll a realistic skin tone. Facial expressions vary, and your dolls expression may not match the one pictured. Dolls are washable. Please select from Caucasian, Asian, African-American, or Hispanic.


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