Complete Cooperative New Games DVD*
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Complete Cooperative New Games DVD*

Product Number : 510250001

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  • 2 disc DVD, 4.5 hours!
  • 123 Games... as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Text files are included in PDF format

These games are fun and include everyone, but they are more than that. They reinforce a full range of skills, which are conveniently listed on PDF files for each section. Those not listed, because they are part of every game, are basic learning skills like listening, following directions, concentration, and memory.

Other useful items on the PDF files for making it easy to find the games you want are: Activity Level, Number of Players(recommended), When to Play, Equipment and Space Needed, Appropriate Social Purpose, and Skills Needed/ Developed.

Those item associated with each game are repeated on a title page for that game.

The games are a great way to learn cooperation, self control, and some games reinforce basic skills in academic subjects like math, English, and environmental awareness.

Many games require teamwork, creative thinking and expression.

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