Color of Feelings Set

Color of Feelings Set

Product Number : 100P72900

  • Suitable for ages 5 and up
  • Explore the world of feelings using these colorful and engaging tools
  • Poster is designed to create awareness of facial expressions and body language
  • Deck of cards is color coded and facilitates growth in emotional intelligence
  • Ten Color of Feelings Palettes arrange 92 different feelings into families, and are laminated

This highly educational and informative set includes a Feelings Poster, 10 Color of Feelings Palettes, a deck of Discover Cards, and suggestions for using these items. The Color of Feelings set can be used in a variety of settings, including marriage and family sessions, play therapy, group therapy, classrooms, and school counseling.

The Color of Feelings set:

Facilitates growth in emotional intelligence

Encourages families to share feelings

Builds vocabulary for feelings

Creates awareness of body language and facial expressions

Aids participants in identifying and labeling feelings

Enhances empathy skills

Provides opportunity for developing relationships at a deeper level

Contains 32 Feelings Cards Plus Easy Instructions & Activity/Game Guides

All of the colorful, engaging faces found on the How Are You Feeling? Poster are uniquely packaged as Discovery Feeling Cards.

Cards are color coded on the back into 6 different feeling families to assist in the discovery process

The poster is an attractive full-color design

The laminated poster is 22x26 inches

Poster includes 30 feeling faces

Poster emphasizes reading body language with visual accent

  • The Color of Feelings Palette places 92 different feelings in "families" by color

  • Makes "feelings" easy to understand

  • A tremendous tool for School Counselors, Educational Therapists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Residential Treatment Centers, Classroom Teachers, and Parents

  • The Color of Feelings Palette is a convenient 8.5 x 11 inches and is laminated

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