BEST SELLER: Deluxe Portable / Mobile Sand Play Therapy Kit

BEST SELLER: Deluxe Portable / Mobile Sand Play Therapy Kit

Product Number : 200373100B-1

  • Our best selling kit has everything you need to practice sand play therapy on the go
  • The hard to find inflatable sand tray closes completely, sealing in sand, and is easy to carry
  • A large collection of sand play miniatures and a duffle bag to carry them in
  • 5 lbs of moon sand (now called Shape-It), acts like wet sand and is very appealing to clients
  • All items are hand picked by Dr. Gary Yorke and are selected to provide the best value for beginning therapists and seasoned professionals

 Now you can be mobile and do sand play therapy too!

The inflatable tray doubles as a carrying case for your sand. The top easily attaches with Velcro, which completely seals the sand in the tray. Fold the tray in half and there are two carrying handles. We include 5 pounds of White Shape-It Sand (formerly called Moon Sand). Shape-It Sand sand is an amazing product, and great for play therapy. It has the look and feel wet sand, but never dries out. Shape-It Sand sand also provides a nice sensory experience for children when they build, play, and squeeze the sand. Many children find it very relaxing just to manipulate the sand.

We also include a durable duffle bag for carrying your sand tray toys.

Our Mobile Sand Toy Kit also includes the following:

Contemporary 8-piece family. Includes grandparents, children, and parents. Made of durable, soft vinyl. The tallest figure is about 5 inches tall and the baby is about 1.75 inches tall. Your choice of African-American, Asian, Caucasian, or Hispanic--Make your choice above



Be sure to choose your family when you check out!

NOTE: Your set may not look exactly as pictured. As items become unavailable substitutions do occur. Items substituted will be of equal or greater value.

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