Autism & PDD Primary Social Skills Lessons: Community*

Autism & PDD Primary Social Skills Lessons: Community*

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Autism & PDD Primary Social Skills Lessons: Community
Ages: 3-8   Grades: PreK-3

The book has 40 ready-to-use lessons (stories).  Customize the lessons by adding student-specific information, editing the text, and using a photograph in place of the generic picture in the book.  The concise format makes it easy to keep a copy of the lesson where the social situation occurs.  Each sentence in the story is supported by one or more pictures.  The instructional lessons can be used as part of a social skills curriculum with small groups of children or individuals.  They are especially useful when planning community field trips. 

The lessons are grouped by these topics:

  • Community Services—The Haircut, The Dentist, Shopping, The Car Wash, Drive-Thru Food, and more
  • Social Activities—Visiting a Friend's House, The Birthday Party, The Zoo, Soccer Practice, and more
  • Transportation—The Airplane, The Bus Ride, The Elevator, and more 
  • Safety—Crossing the Street and I Can't Find My Parent

Extra helps include:

  • behavior tracking forms and examples
  • behavior analysis forms and examples
  • progress recording forms and examples
  • tracking forms for lessons
  • teaching suggestions

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