All Four Junior Worry Eaters

All Four Junior Worry Eaters

Product Number : 15212R62107

  • A great value, all four of the Junior Worry Eaters
  • Provides an excellent way to open up conversation about the anxieties, worries or fears children may have
  • Durably constructed, perfect for the play room

Worry Eaters are friendly little creatures that help children by eating their fears, worries, and nightmares! Designed to help children who are struggling with fears, anxieties or nightmares, Worry Eaters have a zipper for a mouth that allows children to write or draw what is bothering them, and then feed it to their Worry Eater. Parents or caregivers can then retrieve the paper from the Worry Eater's mouth and find a way to talk to the child about it. A great tool for opening up discussion about tough topics.

This set includes all four Junior Worry Eaters:
-Saggo JuniorMeasures about 9 inches tall
-Polli Junior Measures about 9.5 inches tall
-Enno Junior Measures about 8 inches tall
-Schnulli JuniorMeasures about 8.5 inches tall

Save when you buy all four!

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